I’m a PhD student in social psychology at University of Minnesota. I study goal pursuit, behavior change, and habit formation. Much of my research lies at the interface of theory and practice. My work subjects psychological theory to risky tests (in the Meehlian sense). Testing theory in complex social circumstances of our daily lives allows for better specification of the conditions under which theoretical constructs fail or flourish. To this end, I strive to embed psychological theory into behavior change strategies, programs or interventions (often in a health-related context) with the dual purpose of testing theory and helping people make changes they desire. There is much to be gained from a deeper understanding of the active psychological ingredients that produce desired changes.

On this blog I write about social/health psychology, research methodology, meta-science, open science and other things that amuse me. This blog serves as an outlet for candid thoughts. More often than not, posts will be short and informal. They may present top-of-mind (perhaps half-baked) ideas and link to topics I happened to find poignant that day. It may be tempting to construe writing here as representative of my final thought on the matter. In fact, I find myself making the mistake of evaluating what is said on other blogs as the author’s unwavering stance on the topic. Instead, please read this blog as an ongoing discussion. Think of it as something that evolves, just as science shifts with the weight of evidence. In sum, I write here as way of documenting my present thoughts and sending them out into the world for feedback, collaboration, and further digestion.

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