Does Coffee Make You Smarter?


Coffee has become my morning staple and a key to my productivity. After a good cup I feel fast, focussed, witty, and smart. I am curious if these feelings of augmented intellectual efficiency are real or just an illusion of a brain that just satisfied a fix. So I’m conducting a self experiment. The protocol is simple. Every morning I will drink 8 ounces of my favorite liquid elixir between 7-9 AM. On day one I will take cognitive tests right before my cup. On day two I will drink my cup, wait 45 minutes and then compete the tests. Other factors such a food intake and exercise will be tracked to examine correlates. This daily alteration will continue for about a month at which point I will share my results.


[Cartoon courtesy Mark Anderson.]


4 thoughts on “Does Coffee Make You Smarter?

  1. I have not had any alcohol or caffeine since June. I find I miss the morning coffee much more than an evening drink. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of your experiment!

    • Thank you for the comment Paul. You have more will than me. I look forward to providing results but doubt I will find anything that warrants reuptake of your morning cup. In fact there is a small conscientious part of me that is looking for justification to kick the habit.

  2. Day 1: Does Coffee Make You Smarter? –

  3. Quantified-Self, Experience Sampling, and Ecological Momentary Assessment Tech for Behavioral Science – A blog by Richie LeDonne

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