Podcast #1: Jerusha and Brian Detweiler-Bedell on Doing Collaborative Research in Psychology

I am excited to introduce the inaugural Social Method’s Podcast. The idea behind this podcast is still emerging, but the current plan is to spend some of my free hours interviewing social scientists, graduate students, or really anyone who wants to chat on their latest work. Topics will centralize around methods and research in experimental  psychology, sociology and behavioral economics. So, without further ado, episode #1 of the Social Methods Podcast.

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Today’s podcast features Brian and Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell on their newly released textbook, Doing Collaborative Research in Psychology: A Team-Based Guide. We cover the how and why of organizing undergraduates into effective research teams and touch on many topics including leadership, ethics, statistics. Jerusha and Brian are both associate professors of Psychology at Lewis & Clark College where they teach and conduct research in human-decision making, health, clinical, and social psychology. They are co-directors of the Behavioral Health and Social Psychology Lab on which the textbook is based.

The Detweiler-Bedell’s lab model and text serves as a guide for graduate students and professors conducting research with undergraduates in the lab or doing team-based work in the classroom. The personal tone of their text and anecdotes from our discussion bring to life the fun, challenge, and reward in collaborating with students on cutting edge scientific research.

Notes and readings from today’s podcast:



  • As discussed in today’s podcast the original impetus for Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment came from an undergraduate.
  • Brian Nosek gave a talk on ethics and improving research methods in the social sciences at the recent Western Psychological Association Conference.  He is leading the development of the Open Science Framework, which is a software and community that “supports the scientist’s workflow and helps increase the alignment between scientific values and scientific practices,” by improving documentation and transparency. 


A special thank you to Brian and Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell for their time and endless words of encouragement and support in college and beyond. Also thanks to my musical guest, Damacha, for the wicked beats! 


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